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Stay Hot MLB: The Cy Young Awards Were Given Out Last Night And Both Of Them Have A Massive Typo

Last night MLB had their award banquet and gave out their awards. Aaron Judge got his MVP, Buck Showalter got his Manager Of The Year, Jeremy Pena got the Babe Ruth Award for Postseason MVP, and Justin Verlander and Sandy Alcantara got their Cy Young Awards. Seemed like a great night....until you took a look at the Cy Young trophies...

Giphy Images.


Now I know this isn't MLB's fault, it's whoever makes the trophies. But it is so perfect for baseball to screw up one of the oldest awards given out in sports….at an award show in late January….for a season that ends in October. Totally on brand.

Who do they think they are letting things go out without spellcheck, Barstool Sports?!?!?! Of course it will be fixed for both guys but it's just hilarious that it happened in the first place. We thought trading cards had bad quality control, apparently major awards in baseball are even worse.