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Logan Paul And Ricochet Just Collided Like Superheroes At The Royal Rumble

The WWE's annual Royal Rumble match just went down in San Antonio (and surprisingly kicked off the PPV - which COULD mean a huge angle going down in the Roman Reigns v Kevin Owens main event tonight) and Cody Rhodes was left the last man standing in the ring when it was all said and done - but Logan Paul might've been the one to steal the show!

I mean, WATCH THAT SPOT! Are you kidding me with that height?!

Does it make any sense? Two guys agreeing to jump as high as they can to collide into each other like mack trucks? No! 

Does it need to make sense, though? Of course not! This is wrestling, and sometimes wrestling is dumb, but a lot of the time, that doesn't matter at all. What's awesome is awesome, and two guys jumping into each other like superheroes in the Royal Rumble is awesome. A dudes fuckin rock moment.

Speaking of awesome - it's time to admit that Logan Paul is a phenomenal rookie. He looks like a natural in there every time he walks down the ramp, he's able to illicit amazing reactions from the crowd, and he knows how to create a viral moment when the lights shine bright like this or the selfie splash at Crown Jewel….

As for the rest of the match - it was just okay. 

There were only a couple surprises in Booker T and Edge (both of which were eliminated rather quickly), and the outcome was predictable, but it started off super strong with Gunther/Sheamus and finished even stronger with Gunther/Rhodes. 

I loved the ending story of #1 vs #30 and Cody's rehabilitated pec being put to the test against Gunther's signature chops. I just wish they wouldn't have announced Cody's return ahead of time. Even if it were the worst kept secret in wrestling, his entrance and the winning moment would've been way better in my opinion. See: CM Punk's return to wrestling in AEW.

There were some fun spots to set up future WrestleMania matches, though, like Bobby Lashley eliminating Brock Lesnar and Edge/Beth Phoenix getting into it with Finn Bálor and Rhea Ripley….

Unfortunately, Kofi's yearly save attempt didn't work, and he was eliminated….

Still to come - the women's championship match, the women's Royal Rumble match, and the Universal Championship Match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. 

Will Sami turn on the Bloodline to help out his former best friend Kevin Owens? Will he finally earn the respect of Roman by coming to the Tribal Chief's aid?! Or will the Bloodline find a reason to turn on Sami?! Could The Rock even come out after the match to challenge Roman?! We'll have to see.