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Joel Embiid Carried The Sixers Over The Nuggets On His Gigantic Balls Which He Also Dragged Across "MVP" Jokic's Existence

Not a bad night for the true MVP. 

Joel Hans Embiid had 47, 18 and 5 (+14) with a nutdragging 3 to seal the W compared to Jokic's 24, 8, and 9 (-1) with the L.   

bUt jOKiC iS a bEttEr pAssEr aNd hAs tHe gReatESt PIE/fArT sTaTs eVEr hE nBa mVp!!! 

Shut up, nerds. That is what real basketball dominance looked like. And don't give me "Give Jokic some help!" happy crap. Absolute malarkey argument. He's great, obviously. Back to Back MVP's prove that. But today was Joel Hans Embiid day in South Philly. So let us celebrate the W. Also, give Embiid a real head coach/better promised help and he'd win every MVP/NBA title from 2018 thru the end of time. Fact. 

Sixers are now 32-16 holding the #2 spot in the East and only 2 back from the Celtics. Now do me a favor and fire Doc before the playoffs and CUE IT!