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What's Robert Horry Up These Days? Nothing Much, Just Getting Kicked Out Of His Son's High School Basketball Game For Screaming At The Refs

I was about to write a whole blog about how much I usually hate sports parents that talk shit at games, whether they are yelling at another maniac parent, some kid that isn't even close to being emotionally mature, or a ref/ump getting paid a few bucks for the most thankless job on the planet. However, I was going to make an exception for Robert Horry because he has incredible shit-talking form that you can't teach by using his hands as a megaphone in between perfectly placed condescending clap, not to mention he was an ice cold assassin on the court at the most important moments, which gave him the name Big Shot Bob.

Then I remembered Horry said he didn't like the nickname Big Shot Bob, which was perfect in its simplicity while also dabbling in alliteration, and instead wanted to be called Big Shot Rob, which is simply too much. You know which type of people try to come up their own nicknames? Hardo. So while it pains for me to say this, Big Shot Bob is now Big Mouth Bob or Hardo Horry if you are unlucky enough to have a kid that plays against his kid in high school.

Actually you know what? I take all that back. Because even though all that's true along with Horry's first ring coming against my beloved 94 Knicks, I stumbled upon this clip while looking for Big Shot Bob's career highlights and I love it as someone that had to deal with all those goddamn Donovan Mitchell rumors for months only for Danny Ainge to trade him to the Cavs.

Talk your shit Robert and I'm glad you seem to be doing well in retirement.