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Chivalry Is Alive! A Reporter Covered Up The Boobs Of A Woman Trying To Show Off Her Soccer Tattoo On Live TV

Awful Announcing- Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri had to act fast when an excited Heart of Midlothian fan decided she really wanted to show off a tattoo in support of her favorite club on live television.

The Sports Italia reporter discussing the Italian transfer market from “Natasha from Edinburgh, Scotland” and her boyfriend approached him. The couple, who were visiting Milan, noted that while she is a Hearts fan, he supports Hibernian (a.k.a. Hibs). At the mention of their rival clubs, Natasha asked if she could show a tattoo she got to commemorate Hearts’ 5-1 victory over Hibs in the 2012 Scottish Cup final.

When Palmeri mentioned afterward that in his panic he forgot her name, she responded by saying “I totally understand. My boobs are real.”

Chalk one up for all of us gentlemen of the world out there! To be honest, I had no clue that nipples were a big deal or even a little deal in Europe. In fact, I always thought you could lead the morning news in Europe with a nipple if not full blown double boobs or a segment of Only Stans. Especially in Italy.

However ol' Tancredi Palmeri (sweet name btw) wasn't going to let one of Natasha's girls breathe on his live broadcast, no matter how much she tried because that's apparently how Heart of Midlothian fans roll, who just so happen to be my favorite Scottish Football team now. That man has a responsibility to bring the unfiltered reactions of footy fans to the viewers at home, which come to think of it probably involves a tattoo in an NSFW part of the body because soccer fans are called hooligans for a reason, so he probably knew this was coming.

Nonetheless, I #RE2PECT Tancredi for keeping it professional despite multiple flashing attempts by Natasha in front of her boyfriend because one flash attempt can be chalked up to excitement. Two flash attempts can be seen as passion. But three flash attempts is flirting, even if it was the fine Italian wine at dinner doing the talking.

To her credit, Natasha also took to Twitter, noting that she “was only having a steak dinner and took it too far” and that she “heard the boys say Heart of Midlothian so ran over n well this is my consequence ahahaha.”