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Ho Hum, Steve Cohen Bought The Mets A Goddamn Super Bowl Commercial

Did Uncle Stevie do it again or did Uncle Stevie do it again? I remember when the broke ass Wilpons owned the Mets and wouldn't even give free playoff tickets to Zack Wheeler when he was on their team. Now we have an owner that will slide a wad of hundos into Goodell's pocket in order to buy what has the makings of an A+++++ commercial on the biggest sports night of the year. As the famous Brooklyn poet Christopher Wallace once said, things done changed.

Then again, I guess you can do that when your hedge fund reportedly made more than $2.4 BILLION in profits last year.

I know the haters will come out of the wood work to mention that it is a local Super Bowl commercial, which doesn't cost nearly as much as the $7 million price tag of a national commercial. But I don't think the Mets running a commercial to the entire country really makes sense considering baseball teams are one of the few things passed down from generation to generation based on where you live. Instead, Cohen is running a Super Bowl commercial to the number 1 media market in the country for a massive discount, which is not only fiscally smart but more than Rob Manfred has done for baseball since he took over a commissioner eight(!!!) years ago.

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The only way this commercial plan could've been better is if they shot an NSFW version that the NFL banned from showing during the Super Bowl, which would've led to God knows how many social media posts and blogs about it. GoDaddy had that shit on lock for years despite nobody knowing what the hell GoDaddy was (I'd include some of the commercials here, but Barstool has a strict #NoFreeAds pollicy. So you horn dogs looking for some PG-13 advertising will have to click this link for a YouTube playlist of them).