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Vince McMahon Tearing BOTH Quads When Sliding Into The Ring After The Ending Of The 2005 Royal Rumble Got Botched And Being Forced To Sit As He Yelled At Everyone Is The Most Ridiculous Wrestling Moment I've Ever Seen

Robbie and I had ourselves a helluva time down in the basement this week. We recapped the latest episode of The Last Of Us, which is living up to the hype that comes with being placed in the Sunday 9 PM ET slot on HBO, which is the TV version of playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys (Sidenote: Fuck the Cowboys). We also embraced debate about very important topics that the lamestream media is too afraid to touch.


Sidenote 2: I have never seen Narcos, so I personally can't include that into the mix even though I'm sure Pedro crushed his role

We also talked at length about Road Trip, which Robbie had never even heard about before I brought it up on last week's podcast, before diving into our favorite Royal Rumble memories in honor of the Rumble taking place tonight.

Most of my memories came from the early 90s and early 00s when I watched wrestling. Actually that's not the right word for it. I was obsessed with wrestling during the Hogan Era and Attitude Era, with these being among my favorite memories.

But the funny thing about wrestling is that people can just drop out of it and forget it exists, which apparently happened to me before 2005 because I had no idea this happened. Luckily Robbie very much knew all about this just like I knew all about Road Trip and we had ourselves another example of one generation teaching another generation about an absolute comedic gem, as you can see on the My Mom's Basement TikTok.


For the people like me that missed it or the people like Robbie that make it a point to rewatch every year during Rumble Season, here is the video of Vince angrily marching down the ramp in typical Mr. McMahon fashion before both of his quads were ripped to shreds by simply sliding into the ring as everyone tried to ad-lib how to deal with the ending of the 2005 Royal Rumble being botched.

Edge breaks everything down even more than I could.

I mean look at this picture.


That may be the most absurd thing I've ever seen in my life and that's coming from someone that watched more than a decade of wrestling that included a giant turkey being hatched from a giant egg at Survivor Series, a porn star getting his dick chopped off, and an elderly woman giving birth to a hand (Sidenote 3: Mannnnnnn wrestling is super weird when you take a step back and look at it, not that I'm criticizing in the least because I love that shit).

However watching a man have both his quads explode after sliding a foot on his belly then bark orders at people while sitting on his ass trumps all those. I mean how do two quads give out like that? Surely the human body is meant to withstand that type of pressure and it has nothing to do with that man looking like this in his 60s.

Giphy Images.

Anyway, here's to hoping there is a good Rumble tonight. Robbie and I ran a Rumble Pool for the first 30 commenters on our video and are gonna try to do more contests for people that support My Mom's Basement. So subscribe to the YouTube here and best of luck to everyone in the pool!