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Josh Duhamel is Starring in a New RomCom with J.Lo (And Couldn't Get Taylor Swift Tickets Either)

It's somewhat comforting to know that even celebrities are suffering through the pain of missing out on Taylor Swift's tour. 

Josh Duhamel stopped by the Chicks in the Office studio to talk about everything from his thoughts on the Eagles to Taylor Swift to his new movie Shotgun Wedding (out today on Prime Video). Unlike your typical romcom, this movie is filled with plenty of action sequences and Josh says he did as many stunts as he could. "I do what the insurance company lets me do. I'm not trying to be Tom Cruise but I love stunts. I don't know how the hell he gets insured for that."


A good, fresh romcom is just what we need to get us through these cold winter months. Give us Josh Duhamel, give us J.Lo. We're here for it.

For the full interview listen to today's Chicks in the Office here:

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