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This Week in UFOs: A Congressman Admits to 'Debris' Being Recovered and the US Military Officially Confirms Images of a Metallic Sphere Over Iraq 'Under Intelligent Control'

Kevin Dietsch. Getty Images.

The solid, credible evidence about the presence of UFOs/UAPs that used to come out in a trickle maybe a couple of times a year has steadily grown into a steady stream, a rushing river, a torrent, and now, an open fire hydrant gushing information at us on an almost weekly basis. 

This week, that geyser consists of two major updates. The first comes from a sitting member of the US Congress, Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana. When asked directly by CBS news if "any physical evidence, such as debris, been recovered" to provide us proof of the existence of UFOs, he did not equivocate. 

"The debris that has been recovered," he answered, "Has not raised any notable alarm." 

Emphasis on those two words. The first, because it confirms for definitively that recovered remains of downed craft isn't a rumor. It's not speculation. It isn't a conspiracy theory. It's fact. And congress has been briefed. The second, because he doesn't deny this physical evidence hasn't raised any alarm. He just adds the qualifier to mitigate how investigators are reacting to what they've found. As the guy commenting afterwards says, they didn't send the fire department or police in to recover this stuff. They sent in crash retrieval teams. Which exist. And I'll add, presumably because this isn't the first time we've come into possession of these items. They're not from planes, helicopters, drones or weather balloons. They are from craft of unknown origin we know nothing about. Aside from the fact they have complete air superiority over our skies and most sensitive and advanced military technology. 

Which brings us to leading UAP researcher Jeremy Corbell, who has come into possession of this photo, taken by a US military drone over Iraq:

… as well as the accompanying video. And discussed them in detail to TMZ:

"Big sonic booms" the government has acknowledged. "Metallic spheres" such as this one recorded over conflict zones such as Iraq in 2016. These objects being given the official designations of UFOs and UAPs by our military and intelligence communities, who have unclassified them. Objects they confirm are under "intelligent control." (Unlike the rest of our government, amirite?!?) No longer science fiction; now science fact. 

To repeat, because this is the key takeaway in both of these stories. These are not coming from a couple of UFO researchers plugging a podcast. This isn't some potato farmer in Idaho pointing his phone up at the sky and taking a blurry image. You might be reading it on a wiseassy sports/comedy blog. But the source of this is not of the above. The source on these is the federal government of the United States of America. The same government that spent generations denying the existence of any sort of aerial phenomena they didn't know about. And paying agents to find new and better ways to discredit anyone who came forward with evidence or eyewitness accounts. 


The day they finally came clean was always going to come sooner or later. Now it seems to be coming every couple of days. But only because they can't deny the obvious any more. The truth is no longer out there. It's here.