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Crystal Ball Readings Show: Spittin' Chiclets Trips, Parties For Fans, And A Few Winners For Tonight!!

This blog is as Michael Scott says is a "win, win, win situation scenario!” This rings true because the boys are heading South! Now I know what you are thinking, is it Daytona to revisit RA’s Spring Break days of muscle cars and 3-pointers? Not quite but it is in Florida and it is near and dear to my heart, Ft. Liquordale!!!

The NHL is descending on the beach town for their All-Star weekend. The skills competition is Friday and the games will be Saturday. But if you want to have some fun with the boys, we will be at BO’s pub on Saturday to get a little loose during the day with a steady diet of Pink Whitney and some stories. These events always turn upside down when Chiclets Nation comes out in force. Is there bubble hockey at the place? Either way coming from Sweden where winter is in full effect, to be able to have a few sodas with shorts on will have me in a great mood. 

Once Chiclets Nation has dominated the Sunshine State, the crew will rehydrate or go with the hair of the dog and head West to Phoenix. If you have not heard there are a few things going on that week in the desert, namely the Waste Management Golf Tournament and a game that would have been a lot better if the Bills had made it, but that is neither here nor there.

This trip has even brought the Big Guns from Barstool to compete in a mini putt competition and to see who will bring home a Dozen Trivia Trophy.  

This is not the city that will give us a winner because the Coyotes are like blind roofers, sometimes they will find their spot but most of the time they will fall off the roof and embarrass themselves but I will say the 3rd jerseys Biz modeled for the Yotes are fire!

So the last leg of the trip is the Outdoor Stadium Series game in Carolina. The Whit is on record chirping the tailgate of NC state this fall on Pick’em, so we expect to be shown a time in Raleigh. 

Most of us will have too much Big Deal Brew by the time we get to face-off, so we won't really care how these new jerseys look, but they should make it feel like a special game.

Murls’ Best Bets:

Florida  ml -150

Florida / L.A. Over 6.5 -137 Barstool Sportsbook

Carolina -1.5 -122

Carolina / San Jose Over 6 -124 Barstool Sportsbook

Everybody Rides!!!

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