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Quick Reminder (and warning to Jake Paul): John Fury is the craziest Fury of all.

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As we get closer to the long-awaited, hopefully entertaining, but the TOTALLY inconsequential matchup between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, we got this little outburst at the preliminary presser…

This probably will lead people to ask…

Was John Fury about to punch a TV?

And the answer is- Yes… 58-year-old John Fury WAS about to punch a TV.

And that's because John Fury is out of his fucking mind.

As a young man, John was a bare-knuckle boxer who eventually went pro, and finished his professional boxing career with a forgettable record of 8-4-1 against a handful of heavies you've never heard of… And I say that because I only recognized one name on his resumé, Henry Akinwande, who knocked out Fury in 1991 and went on to get knocked out by one of my favorite heavyweights of all time, Lennox Lewis, in 1997.

But it's John Fury's decisions outside of the ring that leads me to believe he would square-up with an inanimate object like a TV.

In 2011, Fury was found guilty of gouging a man's eye out in a barroom brawl that had occurred one year prior.  Apparently, the argument that led to the gouging was actually a 12-year dispute over a bottle of beer, and Fury's victim, Oathie Sykes, was left half-blind.

Not that you need to know how gouges happen, but witnesses said Fury threw Sykes in a headlock and forced his fingers into his eyes, and Oathie (probably in a fucking AWESOME accent) later told reporters, "It was like he was trying to pull his finger into me brains through me fookin' eye socket.”

Giphy Images.

(I added the "fookin")

John was sentenced to spend eleven years in prison but was released in 2015 after serving only four. During his term, John was given day passes on multiple occasions to watch his most talented son, Tyson Fury, fight professionally.

Giphy Images.

And now he is sitting there while his other son, Tommy, is being berated by Jake Paul.

So I am issuing this little reminder to people who may not know John's Twisted History, but I am also issuing it as a warning to Jake Paul… Jake, I know a big part of your schtick is playing head games with your opponents before you step into the ring…

But if you cross the line with this crazy motherfucker, there's a chance you'll be spending your millions on designer eye patches.

Shareif Ziyadat. Getty Images.


Tread lightly and take a report.


There are a couple of real fights happening tomorrow, that I mentioned in my Oscar De la Hoya blog earlier this week…