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Daryl Morey Crying That It's "The Shameless Boston Media's" Fault That Joel Embiid Got Snubbed As An All Star Starter Is Extremely Sad And Very On Brand

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Alright, I want to be fair here. I didn't hear the quote live, so maybe this was said in jest to pester his longtime friend Bill Simmons. If not, then holy shit Daryl pull yourself together.

So I'm sorry Daryl, but..

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Not to mention, I'm pretty sure the majority of Boston media don't even like the Celtics and would rather see them fail. That's why I can't help but think this is mostly a joke. There's no way Daryl Morey can be serious. As I said yesterday, Joel Embiid 1000000000% got snubbed in terms of being a starter. He's an MVP candidate on a 2 seed, he should be in there over KD. I'm not really sure that's a debate at this point.

But how bad are the Celts and Boston in the Sixers' head if their own president can't stop talking about them? I thought it was just Sixers Twitter trolls who live in my mentions every day, but now I see that it really starts at the top. No wonder their fanbase acts that way, the team is doing the same shit!

You want to know the best part about this? Embiid finished 3rd in media voting! They thought he should start! That means what most likely caused Embiid to miss out was the fan vote. I'm sorry Sixers fans didn't vote for Joel Embiid more than the fanbases of other guys, but maybe stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibility for it.

Crying about media bias when it was actually your own fanbase is so perfect for the Sixers that you couldn't even write it. The players AND media felt that Embiid should have been a starter. Sixers fans apparently didn't care enough to vote, so why is Daryl crying like this?

Now I understand why so many members of Sixers Twitter self own themselves in my mentions. It's all they know apparently. Crying about media bias when the media actually voted him in as a starter is very funny. Is Daryl upset that Embiid wasn't higher than 3? Why exactly should he be ahead of Tatum or Giannis? 

It's just nice to know that the more things change with The Process, the more they seem to stay the same. I can get being upset over MVP voting and the media's impact on that. Totally different ballgame. But crying like this about the media's vote, who actually voted him a starter, is a level of cringe I didn't even know was possible. Tough look for sure.