Friday Hypothetical : If You Had A Net Worth Of Roughly 120 Million Dollars, Would You Get All The Sports Packages On Your TV (TV's)?

My investigative days are on hiatus, but this tweet did make me think of a hypothetical to consider. If you hypothetically had $120 Million in net worth, would you hook up your TV (Tv's) with all the sports packages? 

Now, since this is again 1000% hypothetical I want to reiterate this is about no one in particular. This is strictly a hypothetical. 

Let me lay out some facts. 

Sports are a year round business. When I was once dating my wife and she asked if I had hobbies and I said "no not really just sports" she thought it was cute. It's been a decade and she's still wondering how there's always another game on. She no longer thinks it's cute. In some months, juggling sports is something they should teach at Harvard, they might as well teach something at that school since they clearly don't teach trivia ... 


October for example. You got football, baseball playoffs, and a little NBA and hockey. And as always Horse Racing is running 24/7. Or take for example January. This month we got NFL playoffs, college basketball wall to wall, The NBA and The NHL. It without a doubt takes multiple tv's. I have touched on multiple tv's as a necessity a few different times on the blog.

Multiple TV's are a necessity but we've been down that path. 

Today is a new debate. This one isn't about amount of tv's, it's about what kind of packages you get on that TV (or TV's). Which is how we got to the hypothetical of sports packages. 

To me, if I (again hypothetically) had $120 million dollar net worth and lived in a (hypothetical) southern state like Florida, I would want things to be super easy for me. Especially if I (hypothetically) ran a company that could be described as "A Chuck E Cheese for the clinically insane" as Francis Ellis said. Work is stressful, life is stressful, shit even daily tasks like getting to the DMV can be a hassle. 


Any time I can make things even a little easier on myself, I would take that opportunity. Especially after dealing with technology mishaps so many times in my life (again hypothetically). 


Maybe that's just me, but forget all the apps, the streaming services etc. If I (hypothetically) had $120 million dollars I would set my TV (Tv's) up to where I can scroll down the channels and have everything I want to watch. Especially the major 4 professional sports like NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. This would also be a major help since I (hypothetically) live in a southern state like Florida (hypothetically) and rooted for teams who wouldn't be on local tv. Let's (hypothetically) call those teams The Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. Wouldn't it be super convenient to pop on those games on your cable box!? I sure think so. 

Another thing to consider is a perk of being so rich is that you can host your friends in your house. It's a really nice thing to save them a hotel room and let them stay with you and celebrate your success together. Now, as a host you do want to make your guests feel at home and give them a great experience. Let's (hypothetically) say one of your guests loves Hockey and wagering on hockey. If he ever came to town, a gracious and good host would let their guest watch those games they love so much on the TV (or TV's), not a small little laptop (hypothetically). 

Again that's just me, but it sure seems like if you claim to love sports and know ball, and also want to be a gracious host you would get the sports packages on your cable box and TV (or tv's). They aren't all that expensive and if I (hypothetically) struggled with technology, I would want to simplify my sports watching to the click of a button. Again that's just me. 

Everyone have a great weekend.