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Victor Wembanyama's View On A Basketball Court Is Utterly Ridiculous

Well this is stupid. Anybody can watch highlights of Victor Wembanyama and tell that basketball is far easier for him than probably anyone else in the world, but seeing what this guy is looking at on the court is just insane. He dunked a basketball like he was grabbing something off a shelf.

Wembanyama looks like he's playing on a Little Tikes goal out there. I gotta be honest, I hear everybody talking about this guy like he's LeBron, KD and Shaq all rolled into one and he's averaging 21.4 PPG and 9.4 RPG in France? Believe me, I've seen the highlights of all the ridiculous shit this guy does on the court, but he should be putting up 45 and 30 a night against the likes of ESSM Le Portel and Limoges CSP. He's not even playing the same sport as everybody else out there.

The main point, though, is that this guy is an alien and it's not fair that he's allowed to play basketball on a 10-foot rim. I haven't figured out how to rectify that yet, but someone should look into it.