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This High School Catcher From Uganda Is Practicing With No Glove And Getting Hit By Tires To Try And Get To America To Play College Baseball

Creative workouts out of necessity and resourcefulness and not for IG clout? What an insane concept. And more than that what a sad but inspiring situation for this kid who is working his tail off to try and reach his dream of playing college baseball in America.

We have all seen the super popular gym videos where the idiot with a micropenis works out in the most ridiculous ways guy invents creative ways to incorporate every single piece of equipment in the gym in a single workout for some reason. They get shared like crazy and people crack jokes about him training for the apocalypse or whatever.

Yeah we need to give this kid in Uganda 10 times the run we give that clout chasing asshole. Dennis Kasumba is a high school senior from Uganda who went viral a few months back for throwing bricks to strengthen his arm. I'm not sure that's the healthiest way to accomplish that goal but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

The kid doesn't always have a glove to work out with so he uses "hard paper" (it looks like cardboard to me) while he practices framing pitches. The weight on the arm, standing on bricks...everything in that first video would probably be discouraged by a baseball trainer here in the states who works with little Dylan and little Connor. But Dennis doesn't have an indoor facility and a mom who buys him Starbucks before every early Saturday training session. So my man works with what he can find.

Tires?! They're throwing fucking tires at this kid?! I mean how bad ass is that??

My son is a freshmen in high school and plays high level travel baseball. They work with speed coaches, strength coaches, Driveline experts, swing coaches, and this kid is just getting Goodyears heaved at him in a dirt alley. If I tried that with my son I'd be arrested for child endangerment.

My one concern here is that even though Uganda is far away, human traits are universal. So just because they probably don't have the travel baseball structure that we do, doesn't mean there isn't travel baseball dads over there. 

You know the guy. The one who screams at the umps, bitches to the coach about playing time, belittles his kid when he makes a bad play, and forces him to do sprint after losses all while he slugs Coors Lights from his Yeti tumbler and tells the other dads how much better the last team he played on was. The dude who thinks a league game in June of his sons 8th grade year is going to be the difference between him going to the pros or not.

Assuming this kid loves it as much as it seems he does, then this is an awesome story and I'll be rooting for Dennis. How cool would it be to see him end up in the college world series with that back story. Then we could have Mintzy in the stands swaying back and forth with excitement while rattling off all the insane workout he used to do back in Uganda. Dennis' dream is now my dream. I'm riding with you buddy.