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Eagles By A Zillion

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

SAMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I don't know much about Fútbol Americano, but Sammy knows how the game is played! The Eagles and 49ers face off this week in South Philadelphia and Superfan Sammy is READY! Give her a follow and watch as the Eagles SOAR into the Super Bowl on the wings of Sammy's bountiful Birds/Sammy RULE and 49ers DROOL! 

Now everyone together...E-A-G-L-E-S SAMMY!!!!

SAMMY AND THE BIRDS BREAK: Check in on Smitty, Rone, Batgirl and more as they preview the NFC Championship! 


Thank you, Sammy! Go BIRDS!!!!