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I Feel Betrayed by Robbie Fox in The Dozen Trade

I guess all good things must come to an end.

After 2.5 seasons as a member of the Big Screamin' Honkers, Robbie Fox traded me to Team FLUX for Chris Freakin' Klemmer?!?!?

Not gonna lie, this one stings pretty damn bad. Robbie and I won a the Season 1 Championship together. I thought there was a special bond we shared as The Dozen Champions but apparently I was wrong. And Robbie seems like such a nice guy too. Guess you never know about people.

Robbie claimed the split was amicable. Well that is news to me. Now I see why athletes feel so betrayed when they get let go and told they are no longer wanted. It sucks.

But what's done is done. Time to focus on the future as a member of Team FLUX with Chris Castellani & Joey Camasta. I tried to acquire Chris to be the 3rd Honker when Coley left Barstool Sports but we could not pull it off. 

Chris and I are close friends and I look forward to carrying on the magic from the Ole Miss college baseball title run last summer in Omaha! 

Joey Camasta is a great fit as our 3rd member. He is such a flamboyant and fun character. He also should excel in pop culture to compliment Chris and my sports knowledge well. Joey is also extremely popular which should play well for live The Dozen events.

The Honkers came, saw & conquered. It was a glorious run. I will never forget winning the season 1 title with Coley & Robbie. 

But we are on to Team FLUX now…..