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Bold Strategy: Chiefs LB Willie Gay Stood In Front Of A Bunch Of Cameras And Said 'Nothing' Impresses Him About The Bengals Offense

Oh good. This is something you 100% want to publicly say before the AFC Championship game. I get that you need to be confident. I get you don't want to hype up your opponent and all that stuff. But you gotta say something better here. Especially when we're talking about the Bengals. This is a team who specifically looks for any sort of fake motivation they can find:

It's honestly impressive how their fanbase can take any sort of statement and flip it to disrespect. You can say Joe Burrow is the 3rd best quarterback in the league and it's disrespectful. You can say Joe Burrow might be the best and it's disrespectful because you're not calling him the best. 

Now obviously the Bengals offense is impressive. Joe Burrow is fucking great. Ja'Marr Chase is on the shortlist of best wide receivers in the league. They have one of the best WR groups in the league. Joe Mixon and Perine are a solid 1-2 at running back. This is a good offense. Anyone with a brain understands that. 

I enjoy rivalries. I enjoy shit talking. I like the fact that you have this Chiefs/Bengals rivalry with two awesome quarterbacks to watch. So you gotta decide here, either lean in with all the shit talking or just do nothing. You can't say you don't talk trash and then say this. The Bengals are going to run with this and it's going to be annoying as hell.