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All Is Fine: We're Starting The Most Important 4-Year Run For USA Soccer And We Currently Don't Have A Coach, GM Or Sporting Director

There are two lines of thinking here. 1) I really liked Stewart and McBride. They were key in bringing in some of the dual nationals and lining up players. 2) If you're going to clear house, clear the entire damn house. That's basically where I'm at here. That said, I do find it VERY interesting reading that Brian McBride statement. Was he looking to become coach? I could get down with that. McBride is one of my all-time favorite players. Who couldn't love a dude just flying around? 

But now here we are. Say what you want, but this is the most important 4-year run for US soccer. You're coming off reaching the knockout stage with one of the youngest teams at the World Cup. At the same time you have Reyna's parents blackmailing Gregg. You have everyone wanting Berhalter out because of nepotism and just dumb decisions.

Now you have to. There's no shot in hell you can bring Gregg back. I never thought you should anyways, because I'm not a fan of 2-term coaches unless you make a ridiculous run at the World Cup. We have Anthony Hudson currently coaching our friendlies - he's not the answer. 

The names people want are obvious. Jose Mourinho, Jesse Marsch or someone completely outside of the US incestual circle that seems to keep popping up within the federation. Personally I'd love Clint Dempsey but that's just for cool factor. Obviously Marsch would be awesome. He has ties and relationships to our core guys. That's the key. We already had one guy turn us down: 

As for last night's friendly. I stand by my screaming that Brandon Vazquez should have gotten a more serious look heading into the 2022 World Cup: 

I know it was our C team against Serbia's C team. But that man can find the net. You know, the biggest problem we had at the World Cup. At least give him a shot during the friendly window before. See if he could do anything with this group considering he's only 24. 

Also Gaga is gonna be legit. 18 and making saves like this