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A 29-Year-Old Woman Posed As A Teenager To Enroll In A New Jersey High School

NY Post - A New Jersey woman pushing 30 years old allegedly faked her way into a New Brunswick high school before school officials realized she was years too late for the senior prom.

Hyejeong Shin, 29, is accused of showing a forged birth certificate to school officials to attend classes with teenagers at New Brunswick High School, according to authorities. New Brunswick Superintendent of Schools Aubrey Johnson informed the district’s school board at a Tuesday meeting the woman attended classes for four days.

That's the dream. To run back high school with all the knowledge you have at nearly 30 years old (and NOT, I can't stress this enough, NOT for any creepy or nefarious reasons). 

Well, come to think of it... it's not at all about the knowledge. I'm not interested in learning. And I'm definitely not interested in befriending any high schoolers. The only reason it's the dream is to play sports as a fully grown adult and dominate the league. I just want to play meaningful sports again. And maybe every once in a while get a couple good zingers in from the back of the class

The problem is, even if I was given such an opportunity, I would still have to be a good athlete. 

"Damn, that #11 looks pretty old right?"

"Yeah look at the bags under his eyes. He can't be a high schooler."

"Should we say something?"

"Nah, he's 1 for 9 and looks like he's about to puke any second."

"What a fucking loser."

 Remember this Jonathan Nicols guy who enrolled at a high school in Windsor, Canada?

What a blow it must be to the boys when your star center gets arrested for being 30. Jonathan Nicola was just trying to hoop. Unfortunately, it sounds like Hyejeong Shin, the 29 year old Korean woman from this most recent story was up to something shady. Nobody knows exactly what her motives were, but she was reportedly trying to "link with students", get phone numbers, and become part of the culture. 

Daily Mail - Some of the students even told CBS News they got text messages from the woman asking to hang out, making them fear she had ill designs.

'Some of the girls I know, the girl did ask them to hang out at Commercial Avenue, but they never showed up, and she started acting weird with them,' one student said. 'It's scary because you never know what could happen.

Fuck that. Who knows what this lady was up to. Best case scenario, she's just a terribly lonely and pathetic person. But it sounds to me like she had some sort of end goal in mind. The craziest thing to me about this article is that apparently anyone in New Jersey who looks young enough can just enroll in high school, even without the proper documentation.

NY Post - Police said New Jersey school districts must immediately enroll a student without a guardian and even without all the typical paperwork, per state law. 

Kinda seems like a crazy rule. I suppose I understand why it's in place. You don't want to deny a child an education just because they have irresponsible parents who aren't going to help them out, or provide them with the proper paperwork. But there has to be a better vetting process. You can't be letting any young-ish looking adult stroll into your high school and enroll with no papers to back up who they are. The article says the majority of her time was spent with guidance counselors as they tried to figure out who in the hell she was (although she was able to manage attending a few classes). So the school was at least kind of on top of it.

I found an alleged picture of this woman. When you know she's 29, she definitely looks 29, but if she introduced herself to me as a high school student, I might not question it.

On Tuesday she was charged with providing false government documentation (fake birth certificate), with the intent to verify one's identity or age. So in the end the school did their job. But it seems like there should be more of a punishment than that, considering she got into the school and was immediately trying to meet up with minors. She needs to be put on some sort of watch list, and definitely not be allowed anywhere close to a school. Unless of course, she was just trying to join the tennis team and play in a tournament or 2. In that case, I respect the move.