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Sam Bankman Fried's Fraud Is Child's Play: The World's Third Richest Person Just Got Accused Of The Largest Corporate Con EVER

Hindenburg Research: *Slaps roof of Adani Group* "You can fit so much fraud in this mf"

Meet Gautam Adani, the third-richest person in the world. And the founder of the Adani Group (super original name, Gautam)... which is allegedly the biggest scam of all time.

SAM PANTHAKY. Getty Images.

The Adani Group is a $200 billion Indian conglomerate that dabbles in everything from airports to media. Think: the Prestige Worldwide of Asia. And it appears to be complicated enough to hide lots of fraud.

At least that's what short-seller Hindenburg Research claims. It dropped a 100+ page report accusing the Adani Group of running the largest corporate fraud of all time. Go pound sand, Enron.

It hit Adani with ALL the buzzwords: "accounting fraud", "stock manipulation", "precarious financial footing" etc. It even called the illegal behavior "brazen." Did you hear that? Brazen.

But before we throw Gautam in the gulag with SBF, let's keep in mind Hindenburg likes to play in the mud. Their business model is as follows...

1) Short a company's stock

2) Publicly call out said company for being shady/drop a report on Twitter

3) Profit handsomely when the company's stock falls

(All, conveniently, under the ruse of doing society a solid.)

Some people call this stock manipulation. Other's call it God's work.

For what it's worth, Hindenburg has been right before about companies like Nikola. They were the company that outed Nikola for literally rolling its prototype hydrogen powered truck down a hill and claiming it worked.

PS - How big of a loser is SBF? Can't even be the best at corporate fraud.

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