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Is Emily Ratajkowski Dating Eric André? Barstool Investigates!

I don't know why I care about this even a little bit, but goddamnit I do. 

Earlier this month Emily Ratajkowski & Eric Andre were spotted out in NYC on what appeared to be a date night:

Then a few days later they both went to see a Knicks game, but separately. Ratajkowski was sitting next to some other guy all night (Eli Bronfman, heir to the Seagrams fortune) & never made contact with André. It seemed all hope was lost.

But NOW they've been paparazzi-ed in the Cayman Islands with a lil' PDA, some pina coladas (daddy needs his juice), and freshly delivered pizza balls (probably just out of view). 

That's all the details I've got for now and it's weird I even looked into all that in the first place, but such is the life of a blogger who's been in her pajamas since 7pm and lives for this stuff. Anyways, part of me isn't sure if it's legit, or a publicity stunt like EmRata & Pete Davidson appeared to be, but I like to think this one's real.. I just hope he's not using her to land a Sprite sponsorship.