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Dedication - Delivery Guy Bringing McDonald's To Someone In The Arena Wandered Onto Duquesne's Court In The Middle Of The Game

I'm in awe man. This delivery guy simply had no care in the world. He tried to wait. But then he realized he had a job to do. That job was deliver McDonald's to someone who happened to be on the jumbotron at the time. 

Like I said, credit to him. He had enough waiting. The offense wasn't moving. He decided to just walk on through like it's a game at the park. 

At the same time ... who the hell orders Uber Eats while watching a game? Let me be more specific. Who the hell orders Uber Eats to an arena while watching a game? There are concession stands! Just go get a burger from the concession stand like every other person there. I mean, I respect it I guess? I don't even know how you explain that delivery process. Come into the arena, section 110, row 1, seat d. I guess it works? 

Incredible all the way around. 

UPDATE: It might be fake now. I hate 'pranksters.' Everyone got duped on this one if that's the case.