Frances Ellis Is Retiring From The Dozen... Where Do The Honkers Go From Here?

Note: Francis has requested this blog go up unedited. All that has been changed is the format and a spoiler tag added. 


Frances Ellis dropped a bombshell at the beginning of The Dozen Trivia match between the Big Screamin' Honkers and Ur Mom. 

He said that if he did not score at least two points in this match…. he was retiring. 

Frances, we hardly knew you.

Despite my internet in NOLA going out because of weather, the match turned out to be wildly entertaining and down to the wire. Nothing new to me, I thrive in chaos. Check it out here.

Frances esteemed Dozen career ends after a whopping 4 matches. He was 71st of 73 in scoring and clearly his heart was not in it.

I don't blame him to be honest. No one wants to replace a legend and that is exactly what our former captain Coley Mick was. Coley led the Honkers to the Season 1 Championship before departing Barstool Sports after I blew the quarterfinals against Frank & The Frankettes. Despite his Havard degree, Frances was never comfortable and the trivia world did not click for him. 

Replacing Coley reminded me of the Saints trying to replace Sean Payton. No one can fill those lofty shoes.

So now the question remains where do what is left of the Season 1 Champions go from here? Robbie Fox and I are currently discussing all options. There are plenty of capable free agents available after the relegation tournament.

The Honkers are on the bubble of The Dozen playoffs and there is no doubt a sense of urgency.

Stay tuned… an announcement is coming soon.