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Gio Reyna Can't Stop Scoring Goals And Mocking Gregg Berhalter For His World Cup Comments

This was today, another game-winner for Gio. I say another. Because this happened the last match: 

Filthy. Absolutely disgusting goal. But it's more about the celebration: 

What does that celebration mean? 

Oh. Right. Mocking Gregg Berhalter. The same manager who apparently told Gio he'd play limited minutes at the World Cup. The same Gregg Berhalter who got caught up in a public blackmail/feud with Gio's parents: 

Sounds about right. I said it before when this story first came out. If Gregg did make his mind up about Gio playing limited minutes it's dumb as shit. Want to start Weah? Fine. Weah was awesome. But 8 minutes against England? Gross. He finally got a chance against Netherlands to play the entire second half, but the talking point was Gio played 53 minutes total on a team that struggled to finish scoring opportunities. At the same time, Gio can't act like a little crybaby because he's not starting.

But then you get back to Dortmund and he came off the bench in both these matches to score. Something ain't adding up. Sure, it's not the World Cup. Sure, the teams are completely different. But Gio comes in and makes a difference. That doesn't really look great for Gregg when again the team couldn't score at the World Cup. 

Oh and all this is going on as the USMNT (granted it's mostly an MLS squad) has a friendly tonight at 10pm. Gregg isn't coaching - an assistant took over. I'm sure this won't be a talking point on the pregame show at all.