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NHL Legend Chris Pronger Describes His Experience With The Same Heart Event That Nearly Killed Demar Hamlin

This is encouraging news for Demar Hamlin. Chris Pronger suffered the exact same injury/trauma as Hamlin and within a couple of days he was cleared to return to the ice and got back to being the exact same prick on the ice that he was before. I hope, like Pronger, that this event ends up being a psychological hurdle for Demar Hamlin than a medical one. Not that this would be easy psychologically, but at least it would more or less his decision to return to football or not. 

Pronger's story is incredible. Vulcanized rubber blasted into his chest, no pulse, turning blue, takes a Jon Snow red witch resuscitation gasping breath, and after a couple talks with the doctor he was ready to play the next game. Unbelievable. I think most people when having a near death experience probably try to avoid the activity that killed them for at least a while. PTSD just can't penetrate the Pronger brain. You can hurt his heart, but not his capacity for love.