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Brutal: Days After The Entire Cowboys Organization Threw Him Under The Bus, The World Finds Out Dak And His Girlfriend Broke Up

Nobody and I mean nobody is having a worse week than Dak Prescott. Guy had a chance to silence everyone who wants to talk shit about him and instead he made everyone forget about Brett Maher. Do you know how hard it is to make Brett Maher not look bad? The guy missed every extra point. Yet you have the Cowboys organization just flat out blaming Dak for the loss - not wrong by the way. 

You even have the Heat jumping on the chance to make fun of you: 

And now you have the New York Post letting the world know you and your model girlfriend broke up.

[Source] - Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Natalie Buffett have broken up after two years of dating, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

Multiple sources confirm the longtime couple actually split around March 2022 but have kept it close to the vest. We’re also told Prescott has been casually dating.

You just happen to keep it close to the vest until after a loss? Someone was holding onto this bad boy for the perfect moment and that's exactly what they got. Everyone else is making fun of Dak, might as well leak that they broke up. I almost, almost feel bad for the quarterback of the Cowboys and Cowboys fans. Just never being able to see any sort of postseason success since Clinton was in office. 

Tough week for Dak.