FULL VIDEO EPISODE: 2024 NBA Preview With Ryen Russillo, People Keep Complaining About The Dunk Contest + Lebron's 50/50 Retirement Tour

Vacation episode on zoom. We talk dunk contest and how it will never be fixed so stop complaining about it. NBA All Star Weekend. Lebron being 50/50 on wanting a retirement tour. Golf is back (00:00:00-00:23:08). Who's back of the week including shorts and whales plus the waterdogs are playing for some fake championship (00:23:08-00:37:54). Ryen Russillo joins the show in person to talk about the NBA, his month abroad in Germany, where you would want to live in the world and tons more (00:37:54-02:12:39). We finish with lottery ball machine (02:12:39-02:14:16).