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The Arkansas Band Playing 'Neck' After Beating The Shit Out Of LSU Last Night Was Glorious

This is yet another reason I will always, always love college sports. I don't care about NIL and the transfer portal. Conference expansion can't even ruin this for me. Trolling a rival with an iconic song that their school tries to not allow is peak college sports. This is what makes it so great. I know Arkansas/LSU should be a football rivalry and all that, but let's not pretend college hoops isn't huge. I say it all the time about Arkansas, but they have one of the most insane basketball fanbases out there. Bud Walton is awesome. 

If there is a time to play Neck in college basketball it's this too. Arkansas beat the shit out of LSU

Sure there are a lot of problems with LSU right now. It's why you can't build a team completely out of the portal, even in year 1 of a new coach. That's how you lose 7 in a row in conference play. The one win being home to Arkansas. But Arkansas needed this. They are without 5-star Nick Smith. They lost Trevon Brazile. They were 2-5 in conference play. 

Again, I want this in college sports. Don't overdo it, but playing it when there was some shit talking after the earlier game just adds to it. I want there to always be rivalries, even if conference realignment tries to ruin it. I want college kids to sing Neck. I want trolling at all times. It's what makes it the best. 

PS: I love how much of a lunatic Muss is

PPS: Let the band play Neck

PPPS: I wonder how pissed off this chick was last night

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