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We Need Kourtney Kellar To Always Be In The Stands If Isaiah Hartenstein Is Out Here Winning Games For The Knicks

Look at Isaiah Hartenstein man! More importantly, this is what he said after the game: 

That's exactly what I want to hear from a guy who was one of the more underrated signings this offseason. He's the exact type of backup big you need in this league. Now, sure, Julius Randle won the game for the Knicks last night. It was All-Star Julius Randle. But this play specifically showed why Hartenstein is important. He was massive with some defense late, obviously on this play. 

And arguably even more importantly. His fiancee Kourtney Kellar was in attendance. Keep her at MSG. We need her more than ever. I don't care if she has a modeling shoot the same night as a game. Can't have a Doc Rivers/Tim Duncan situation where we don't let the family on the team plane. Mitchell Robinson is hurt. We're gonna need Hartenstein to step up. 

That's the sort of win the Knicks needed though. No doubt slump, get a win over a playoff team at home. Just keep Kourtney Kellar going to games. Keep Isaiah Hartenstein in good spirits.