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Willie Nelson Just Announced His 90TH Birthday Concert Special And It Is Going To Be The Event Of The Year

Pack the Hollywood Bowl and lets light this candle. This is without a doubt the greatest lineup put together that I can remember. Spanning generations and across seemingly every genre. A who's who of musical legends flying in for one weekend to celebrate Willie. It just goes to show that there is one unifying force stronger than any other. That force is weed. People fucking love weed. And they will drop what they're doing to hot box an arena with the absolute legend of weed smokers. Every one of my favorite artists is on this list with the exception of Zach Bryan. Sturgill, the Lumineers, Tyler Childers, Leon Bridges, The Chicks, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Avett Brothers, Snoop d oh double G. It's one of those shows that makes no sense and all the sense in the world. Imagine a collaboration of Turtles All The Way Down and Gin And Juice...I actually can't, but that is because I am not musically inclined. I am sure these guys will figure it out though. 

Here's a little impromptu set list to start your day

That might be the most Chief playlist of all time.