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Surprise Surprise Lebron Got Pissed Off At A Heckler Last Night

 The first observation here,  is it's amazing to me that people who plan out their trolling can get so close to the action. This guy 100% knew what he was going to do last night, and either paid up for tickets, or put in maximum effort to sneak down to have this kind of access, either way he put in the work to get this done. So i guess bravo on the effort. 

Next ... Lebron. 

What can I say, can you imagine letting little digs like this get under your skin ? Can you imagine wanting this guy , an anonymous troll kicked out over one little comment ? That's like blocking someone on Twitter for mentioning one word that pisses you off. Does Lebron think he can just live in a world where he only sees positive feedback ? Does he not expect heckling ? What's next, he will demand all hecklers be banned from stadiums ? Does he plan to surround himself with people who just tell him what he wants to hear ? A hype group if you will. How delusional can this guy be ? 


Another thought is Lebron was pissed off because he scored 46 and they still lost. He can only do so much . 

Here's to hoping Lebron figures it out and learns to battle the small problems in his life and not let them make him go insane, it's not very easy for everyone. Best wishes Lebron. 

PS- The goat of all Lebron reactions is still this lady.