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This Is Sneaky The Creepiest Thing About The Church Of Scientology

Yesterday, the Oscar nominations and "Top Gun" got a Best Picture nomination which was stupid. Fun, good, star spangled flick that was made for residual checks from TNT on saturday mornings. Not the best picture. Feels more like a lifetime achievement award for Tom Cruise than anything else. Maybe, he has some powerful friends in powerful places that helped get the movie a nomination. According to Leah Remini those same powerful friends have friends in bed with the LAPD. A disturbing thread here

The woman above, obviously, is the missing wife of Scientology Leader, David Miscavige. Allegedly, his wife has been missing since like 2007 and people speculate that she is locked in some super secret, high security, Scientology compound in California. Fucking creepy. Evil, even. There's a long list of creepy shit that allegedly goes on inside the Church of Scientology. They've been detailed in numerous documentaries. 

One thing that they don't really talk about though is how David Miscavige married/designed a wife to look EXACTLY like the wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's wife. 

I mean…identical. The bone structure, the hair style, the body type. Everything. And…Shelly didn't really look like that on her wedding day. Just a cute blonde woman with straight hair

Then fast forward to when David Miscavige became the leader and poof…he transformed his wife into the wife of the previous leader. Beyond fucking weird. Oh…and allegedly that wife disappeared for a bit too. I feel like maybe there should be a raid into this group and then also maybe a deep investigation into how they were able to become this quasi religious secret society that wields power over one of the most influential industries in the 21st century. Or…just talk about how great Top Gun: Maverick was.