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Brandon Graham Didn't Waste A Single Minute Before Shit Talking The Giants Into Bolivian

Somebody needs to send this clip to Eli Apple and let him know this is how it's done. He appears to spend enough time on Twitter dot com so I'm sure he's seen the clip already. 

But that game was over before it even started. From the very first moment the Giants had to compete against the Eagles, Brandon Graham was talking their ears off for the coin toss. They didn't even know which team would have the ball first before BG was all up in their shit. Dexter Lawrence can get some. Saquon Barkley can get some. Daniel Jones can clearly get some, too. 

Talk your shit on the field. Assert your dominance. Back up all your shit talk with some actual results (2 tackles and a sack). And then once the game is over, you move on. You don't continue to let your fingers do all the talking for you on Twitter after being a liability on the field your entire career. But unfortunately I don't think Eli Apple's career will be long enough for him to learn that lesson. BG has 13 years in the league and a Super Bowl under his belt. He's a distinguished veteran of shit talkery. 

Just a little preview for what's in store for the 9ers on Sunday. 

Go Birds.