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Chaos: SIU/Murray State Players Get Into A Handshake Line Kerfuffle, Hefty Fella From The Stands Comes On Court Ready To Fight

Chaos here. Murray State/SIU is now the most heated MVC rivalry. You have Steve Prohm chasing the refs out of the building. You have the announcer going on about that. Then SIU's coach had to turn back around from celebrating to chase in and break up a bit of a fight. Actually, not a fight. A kerfuffle. I even love this from Mullins: 


Just dig the knife in baby. But here's the guy who steals the show (1:04 mark):

That hefty fella just looks like the definition of country strong. Also a 100% asshole. I don't care what happens between players, fans gotta get off the court and trying to fight players. Just let them get to the locker room and then come on and do whatever you want. Dude was ready to fight though. Kept hitting them with a fuck outta here. 

Great speed by Mullins the coach. Speed demon some would say.