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RAISE THE BANNER - For The First Time In 29 Tries And 682 Days, The Georgetown Hoyas Finally Won A Big East Basketball Game

Extend Patrick Ewing right this second. Name another coach who can win a Big East Tournament and then go 29 games without one win? You can't. Only Patrick Ewing can do this. Who cares if it was against DePaul, this was their one realistic shot to win a league game. Oh, not to mention it was a mascot birthday game. 

You don't lose on Jack's birthday. Not when the longest Big East losing streak in the history of the conference is happening. That's right Georgetown had a longer losing streak than DePaul, South Florida and all those other stinkers throughout the years. 

It was in Georgetown fashion too. They were up 10 with 1:30 to go and had to hold on. Just wanted to make it interesting I guess. And let me tell you something, the dozen(s) of fans in attendance went wild. 

At least they got to see a sweet play