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Beef Wellington Is A B!tch

My life changed on New Year's Eve when I tasted Beef Wellington for the first time. It was the closest my taste buds would ever come to having an orgasm. I'm glad they got to experience it because there is nothing quite like your first time. 

A true Beef Wellington fan would do as the French do and conquer it myself. I now know that is absurd because it's one of the few meals cheaper to eat at a restaurant than cook at home. 

I knew better than to tackle this alone, so I called my mom. After all, she taught me that women belong in the kitchen at a young age. And she gets an average of 2.7/10 cookie ratings from Big Cat. Weekly. 

We are the dream team. 

"Good for your first try" 

Thank you, Graham. (Graham is my husband. He loves guy trips)