The Contestants In Netflix's Squid Game Reality Show Had The Unmitigated Gall To Complain About The Set Being An Inhumane "Warzone" Due To Cold Temperatures And Fatigue


IGN- Squid Game, Netflix's 2021 drama about a deadly competition for a massive cash prize, captured hearts for its critical stance on capitalism. Now, Netflix is creating a reality spinoff called Squid Game: The Challenge, and it seems that its filming conditions aren't far from the inhumane conditions presented in the original show, with several contestants speaking out about unsafe filming environments and claiming that the game was rigged.

Squid Game: The Challenge features 456 participants competing for a massive $4.56 million prize. While the participants in the upcoming 10-episode series compete in children's games similar to those in the original Squid Game, Netflix has been careful to let viewers know that "the worst fate is going home empty-handed."

But based on multiple reports, conditions on the show have been difficult, to say the least.

Gathered in a former air hangar near London for filming, unpaid participants in Squid Game's reality spinoff reportedly faced freezing temperatures and fatigue — they had been woken up as early as 3:30 a.m. and remained on set for up to nine hours, unable to move for long stretches of time due to the game they were playing, according to Variety.

At least 10 participants collapsed during the first day of filming, according to Rolling Stone. Medics were called to the set repeatedly, with one contestant even referring to the set as a "warzone."

Are these people serious right now? I could understand complaining if this shit happened on The Bachelor, Tge Amazing Race, or whatever reality show Barstool hosts next that inevitably ends with Tommy Smokes winning because I work with a bunch of buffoons.

But complaining about being tired and cold while playing Squid Game is fucking unreal. Any day where you don't get turned into Swiss cheese because a giant doll saw you move an inch during a game of Red Light, Green Light, 123 is a gift from God. You think this reality show hosted by Netflix was a warzone? You should've seen what the pit of this tug of war looked like once it was over.

These people are pretty much complaining about what life is like for parents of babies in the Northeast during the winter before the heat kicks on in the living room. Actually fuck that, I'm not even giving them that much since I would've given multiple limbs to sleep until 3:30 AM back when my little ones were fresh out the womb. 

If you went into a reality show based on SQUID GAME and got upset for anything that didn't involve someone getting murdered by some weirdo with a Playstation symbol on their helmet, you are either an asshole or someone that didn't watch the original before signing up for the reality show, which pretty much makes you an asshole regardless. 

And even if you were an asshole that didn't have the faintest idea what Squid Game was beforehand, a $4.56 million prize should let you know that you better be prepared to do things that absolutely sucks, which could include being dropped into an actual live warzone. Because if MTV's The Challenge has taught me anything, it's that when the prize money goes up, so does the amount of crazy shit the competitors have to do. If you want to win a new T-Mobile Sidekick, you can get away doing wheelbarrow races on a beach. But if you want to win a check with two commas on it, you better be ready to do some shit that will question your will to live, all while some sick son of a bitch host laughs at your pain.

Love you Teej!