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Top Trivia Teams, Former Champs & League Leading Score Battle It Out In Heavyweight Week || (The Dozen: Week 15 Preview & Rankings)

The Dozen Week 15 is here. We got a classic match-up between The Experts and Smockin. UrMom plays the Big Screamin’ Honkers for the first time since their debut match, except the roles/rankings are flipped. And then we have the former MVP taking on the potential ROY as Team Minihane faces Swamp Ass. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…



  • The Experts become a Top 3 ranked team for the first time since October of 2021. They are coming off three straight blow-out wins and will get a chance at the Crown in Arizona.
  • Frank & Frankettes remain #2 following their win over Macrodosing. Uptown Balls move up to #5 after another win, although the league's Top 8 is interchangeable with so many good teams.
  • Macrodosing stays in the #20 spot after their loss, Flux drops down to #19, and The Family slides down to #15.

Now onto the Week 15 preview…


(7) Uptown Balls
- 5-2-0 Record
- 14.00 Points Per Game
- 1.86 Steals Per Game
- 100% Niche Success Rate
-- PFT: 6.58 PPG
-- Fran: 6.29 PPG
-- Brandon: 5.83 PPG 

Experts Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, NFL, College Football 

(8) Smockin
- 2-1-0 Record
- 14.00 Points Per Game
- 3.33 Steals Per Game
- 100% Niche Success Rate
- KenJac: 8.72 PPG
- Titus: 6.72 PPG
- Donnie 2.22 PPG

Smockin Category Advantages: College Basketball, Movies, Television

Two things are true. The Experts have yet to win over a Top 12 team this season. The Experts have dominated their last three games, winning by 9.67 ppg. Smockin will be a massive test for them as their only win over this squad all-time was in a match where Coach Duggs (one of the lowest scorers in Dozen history) filled in for TrillBallins.

Smockin has been a roll to start the season, with Titus and KenJac ranking as Top 10 scorers. KenJac tied the record for Steals in a game in their opener, and then in his last match, he tied the single-game scoring record. A win here, and Smockin should vault into the Top 5.



(12) urMom
- 1-2-0 Record
- 9.67 Points Per Game
- 1.67 Steals Per Game
- 67% Niche Success Rate
-- KFC: 3.89 PPG
- Rudy: 3.22 PPG
-- Jack: 3.22 PPG

urMom Category Advantages: Movies, NBA, Television

(14) Big Screamin Honkers
- 1-2-0 Record
- 9.67 Points Per Game
- 1.86 Steals Per Game
- 67% Niche Success Rate
-- Robbie: 4.56 PPG
-- Mintzy: 4.56 PPG
-- Francis: 1.22 PPG 

Honkers Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, College Football, Music

Season 3 has not been good for either urMom or the Big Screamin’ Honkers. Both teams need this win and must put up points, as each is lacking in the computer rankings.

Robbie has been the Honkers ace this season, crushing Mashups and Pop Culture, but he goes up against a urMom team who are generally dominant in those same categories.


(6) Team Minihane
- 3-2-1 Record
- 13.75 Points Per Game
- 2.75 Steals Per Game
- 100% Niche Success Rate
-- Kirk: 6.96 PPG
-- Quigs: 6.67 PPG
-- Big Ev: 3.71 PPG

Experts Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, NFL, College Football

(17) Swamp Ass
- 2-1-0 Record
- 11.76 Points Per Game
- 3.00 Steals Per Game
- 33% Niche Success Rate
-- Ebo: 6.94 PPG
-- Hubbs: 2.44 PPG
-- Chaps: 1.78 PPG 

Swamp Ass Category Advantages: MLB, College Basketball, Music

Kirk vs. Ebo is the match-up everyone is here for; the reigning MVP against the rookie who has been putting up points in a Kirk-esque fashion. It will be a fun duel and a real shot for Swamp Ass to rise the rankings by beating an established squad.

Ultimately, Team Minihane has to be the favorite, as Big Ev and Quigs have been a much stronger supporting group than Chaps and Hubbs.


  • PFT wins Offensive Player of the Week after a 10-point performance that now makes him The Experts leading scorer. Fran had held the title all season up until this point.
  • KB gets Defensive Player of the Week after being a general menace. While not as gutsy a performance as his match against Tywan Claxton, it was impressive nonetheless.
  • Klemmer earns his first Rookie of the Week, which after a bad start to his season, it's good to see him hitting a groove.

Enjoy the matches this week! Buy some merch…

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