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"Oh Hell No" - Dennis Schröder Gave a Raw Reaction To The Rui Hachimura Trade When He Found Out Live On Twitch

What a reaction from Schröder. Dude was just casually playing his game on twitch as the chat informs him of the Rui Hachimura trade. Coming from a guy who streams on twitch a lot it's hard to decipher what is real and what is fake from the chat. Half the time I go on and the chat tells me Coach K died. I check every time because you never know. The Lakers have been in rumors for trades for basically the entire season so it wouldn't shock me if people were trying to fake him out this whole time. 

No matter what Dennis says to defend that reaction, Rui is going to feel mad awkward when he arrives. Even if that was more about his teammate and I assume good buddy Kendrick Nunn being shipped off, that's not the best feeling if you're Rui watching that. It's just like when you are drafting teams on the playground and it's coming to the last pick. You pick that last kid and everyone grunts because they know he is absolutely garbage. Now Rui is walking in there like fuck these guys already think I suck and he can't do anything about it. This is why athletes being on twitch is amazing because getting their raw reactions is something we never ever witness. Is it unfair to them because we're all gonna dissect that shit? Of course, but it's selfishly so entertaining for us

You know if they asked him during his media session tomorrow he would make up some nonsense that Rui is going to be their missing piece to the championship and blah blah blah. Can you imagine players had to have a lie detector hooked up to them during a press conference and if they lie they get fined? Sports would be 100x better and have more rivalries because they would have to say how they are actually feeling about things instead of skating the truth. 

P.S. Jason Kelce will always have the GOAT reaction to a real time trade