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Kyle Kuzma's Pre-Game Fit Tonight Might Just Be His Most Outrageous Look To Date

This is certainly not the first time we've seen Kyle Kuzma wear some ridiculous shit, especially pre-game. How could we forget his rather outrageous sweater from last season


That thing seemed very unnecessary and really a hassle to deal with. At least the team and Kuzma had some fun with it and made it into a bobblehead which certainly played

and then there was Kuzma this past September at NY Fashion week where he was wearing something that was basically an Ursula from the Little Mermaid mixed with Darth Maul combo

I have to be honest, out of everything we've seen Kuzma wear, today's fit has me the most confused. Is it because I'm in a VERY different tax bracket that I just don't get it? I'm certainly not a fashion expert, I'm a blogger. I wear gym shorts and a sweatshirt literally every day. I blog from home where entire days go by and I'm not sure I even use my voice. I wouldn't exactly say that I am up with the times with what's fashionable in today's world, but even with that being said what the hell even is this?

For starters, no chance that keeps him warm. I know the Wizards are in Dallas tonight, but Google tells me it's under 40 degrees in that city today. There's no way that sweater is doing a damn thing to keep him warm, so if you ask me he's just asking to catch a cold. Nobody, and I mean nobody likes being sick, that shit is the worst. No matter what you do, you're looking at at least 7 days of annoyance. I'm not even talking covid, just a normal common cold is easily one of the worst parts of winter. One nostril clogged, then it switches, you have flem, it's a whole ordeal that nobody enjoys. 

I would say this is Kuzma looking for attention, but like I said he does this shit all the time. NBA pregame fits have gone haywire these last few years, and now after seeing this look I'm curious about where else we can go. It seems highly impractical to basically be wearing a ski mask at all times, and you can even see in that photo that the holes aren't totally aligned. That would drive me INSANE. 


Like I said, maybe I just don't know fashion in 2023. Maybe I'm just too poor. Maybe it's weird to me because I know for certain that I could not pull off this same thing. 

What I do know is I need Chuck to weigh in on this look immediately.