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The Jalen Hurts Debates Just Go To Show That Any Dumbass Can Get A Job In Sports Media These Days

Alright so let's just get a couple things out of the way real quick. 1) Chris Simms is a fucking asshole. But this is clearly a bit at this point. Chris Simms knows what so many other talking heads in the industry have come to know over the years. That it's better to be a trolling prick than it is to be right. Being right doesn't keep the lights on at these studios. Spewing off a bunch of nonsense to generate hate engagement and drive ad revenue does. I find it impossible to believe that Chris Simms actually believes a word that is coming out of his mouth, but he's too much of a spineless and soulless and dickless coward to admit he's wrong. 

2) I could be wrong here but has there ever been this many "yeah but if we switched which team the quarterbacks were playing for, would the result be any different" arguments before this year with Jalen Hurts? Like what the fuck are we even doing here? Were there debates every single week about replacing Tom Brady with whatever dog shit quarterback the Patriots just beat? The Bengals just beat the Bills. Why isn't every national show saying "yeah well if you put Josh Allen on the Bengals, they still would have won"? Probably because it's a pretty fucking irrelevant argument. But that doesn't stop it from happening every single week with Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. Just seems a little suspect to me. 

But here's what makes the argument even more irrelevant than ever before--the Eagles have already proven that you can't just go ahead and stick any dog shit quarterback in this offense and expect it to work. Because the Eagles played 16 games so far this season with Jalen Hurts at quarterback. They are 15-1 in those games. They played 2 games with Gardner Minshew at quarterback They went 0-2 in those games. Clearly there's something about Jalen Hurts that makes this offense so impossible to defend. And that something about Jalen Hurts is what I think is the driving force behind all of these goddamn idiotic debates. 

Just from a pure passing perspective, I wouldn't say that Jalen Hurts is the best quarterback in the league.  He's made some ridiculous improvements and development to his arm strength and accuracy. He's probably a top 5 passer in the game right now. But he's not the GREATEST at it. 

Just from a pure running perspective, I wouldn't say that Jalen Hurts is the most dynamic rushing quarterback in the league. I think that title would still belong to a healthy Lamar Jackson and I'd also put Justin Fields right up there with him. Jalen Hurts is damn near close, and I'd say he's easily the best short yardage rushing quarterback in the league. But still not the GREATEST at it. 

What makes Jalen Hurts the MVP of the league, and the idea that so many of these morons fail to grasp, is that Jalen Hurts is the greatest hybrid between the two. He might not be the greatest passer, he might not be the greatest rusher, but he's the best at doing both. So you can't force him to be a passing quarterback because he's going to pick your defense apart for 375 yards and 3 passing TDs. You can't force him to be a rushing quarterback because he's going to run the ball down your damn throat for 150 rushing yards and 3 rushing TDs. He makes this offense impossible to stop because the only thing a defense is able to do is choose whether they want Jalen Hurts to murder them with his arm or if they want Jalen Hurts to murder them with his legs. 

It's such a simple concept but people are either A) too donkey-brained to comprehend it or B) fully understand the situation but they're soulless pieces of shit on TV who have to lie about Jalen Hurts' greatness just to stay relevant. You're either a dumbass or an asshole. And what this NFL season has taught us is that seems to be the main qualification to be a member of the national media.