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Respect Stefon Diggs For Refusing To Apologize For His Temper Tantrum, Decides To Spin Zone It By Saying He's Not Okay With Losing

I actually respect this from Stefon Diggs. Too many people apologize these days. Fuck that. Own what you did. Stefon Diggs lost his mind on Josh Allen, stormed out of the locker room and basically admitted he was sick and tired of losing in the playoffs all the time. 

Basically I just want people to say whatever the fuck they want. Own it. If Diggs lost his mind, why apologize? He's hardly the first person to freak out after a loss and he for sure won't be the last one. I just don't get people getting mad at him for doing so. It wasn't his fault they lost to the Bengals. The Bills got their shit kicked in. Josh Allen looked awful. The defense looked worse. 

I get that Diggs is known for doing this. He had similar stories in Minnesota. But, again, give me a dude like this who is pissed about losing over someone who just sulks. Again, sure, Diggs could put up bigger numbers in the playoffs. But there's so many reasons why that happens and it's not all on him. I'll take 53 guys on my roster who are ready to fight after losing. 

That said - 3 tweets man? You can't tweet through it. One tweet will do it. Really wish he fired these off late night though. Dinner time tweet? Fine. But there's nothing better than seeing someone explain themselves around 1:08am. I don't know what's going to happen in Buffalo but it's clear that they need to make some changes.