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Basketball Move: Arkansas Coaches Printed Out A Tweet From LSU's Adam Miller Talking Shit, Hung It Up All Over Their Locker Room

What a move. This is peak Musselman and peak Arkansas. I love the guy, but he thrives on shit like this. The tweet - which, I'll be honest, what the hell is that Fay @ Ville? Just say the name of the city man. That tweet though is the night LSU beat Arkansas in Baton Rouge. Just so happens to be the only conference win so far for LSU too. 

But now they play tonight and obviously Muss had to get back to his roots. Use the weirdest motivation he could find. This should do the trick. He hung that bad boy up everywhere too. Knowing Muss he probably hand delivered it to dorm rooms and made sure his players read it 100 times every day. The guy is a lunatic in the best way possible. 

Here's the thing though. Arkansas looks like shit. I know they don't have 5-star Nick Smith. I know arguably an even bigger loss was Trevon Brazile to that ACL injury. I say that strictly because Brazile let them play 5-out offense and he's way better with the switching lineup than the Mitchell twins. So tonight's game is important. It's not like Arkansas is in fear of missing the Tournament right now, but they are 2-5 in conference play. Can't get swept by LSU without freaking out a little bit.

So every student should 100% bring this tweet to Bud Walton. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Muss has it printed on every seat. You gotta heckle the shit out of Adam Miller. It's the only thing you can do if you're an Arkansas fan. He's public enemy number 1 tonight.