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'They're So Much Better Than Us' - Bill Self Got Caught Admitting His Team Sucks Just 8 Minutes Into Last Night's Game

I'm actually glad Bill Self got caught saying 'they are so much better than us' on the bench last night. Because I want to talk about Baylor, Kansas and the rest of college basketball. This just gave me the jumping off point. It also sums up how I feel about college basketball this year. Every game it rotates who sucks. Every month there's a new team who you think is the best in the country.

At one point we've said then names Houston, Kansas, UConn, Purdue, Alabama, Gonzaga, Baylor, UNC, Virginia, Kentucky or Texas' as the best team in the country. This season is very 2014-esque in the fact. A whole lot of good teams, no great teams and every team has the ability to suck.

Look at Kansas right now. They were 16-1, Jalen Wilson was in the NPOY race, DaJuan Harris was talked about as a Bob Cousy Award winner, Gradey Dick was still fucking hilarious: 

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Now, Gradey Dick is still hilarious but can't make threes, Jalen Wilson is still in NPOY race but Kansas has lost 3 in a row. No one would blame them for losing at Kansas State and Baylor, but you put in an ass kicking at home to TCU and the fact that Baylor was in control of that game for a full 40 minutes and you start to wonder about Kansas. I think they are still tier 1 teams but that list is growing bigger and bigger.

On one hand it sucks not having a great team. I enjoy when we get the team x vs the field talk. I enjoy watching everyone try to chase this one team and the entire public completely turn on them. But at the same time the mayhem we're seeing this year is just as fun for different reasons. Every night I sit in my recliner, put on the games and know something weird is going to happen. 

It's how we have FAU, New Mexico and Charleston all ranked this week. It's why we're arguing how many teams can win a title. I look at a team like Marquette. Can I see them winning 6 in a row in March? No. Would I be surprised? Also no. There's going to be absolute chaos this March which is what everyone wants anyways. Just be ready for a 2014-esque Tournament. 

I also don't think Bill Self thinks his team sucks, obviously. Most coaches know when their team doesn't show up though. Also Baylor is going to be fine. Their defense needs to get better, but guards win in March and they have the best backcourt in the country.