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Nothing To See Here, Just a Virginia Tech Player Punching Duke's Kyle Filipowski In The Throat And Completely Getting Away With It

What an absolute joke. No matter if it's a celebration or whatever if you get punched in the throat that's a foul. This isn't the prison yard. We're not watching Adam Sandler play Michael Irvin one on one. Sorry if you didn't mean to Virginia Tech, but we can't be having guys getting right hook to the throat. If they call that a foul, Duke ties it up and most likely goes to OT, but don't worry refs like these assholes have dreamt for years about screwing over this team. Instead Filipowski was throwing up in the huddle.

"He was full-on throwing up and he wasn't about to be out for a second," Scheyer told the media after the loss. "He's a big-time warrior, man." - source

Can you imagine if Grayson Allen did this after he hit a bucket? They'd dedicate the entire hour of SportsCenter to his incoming suspension. I actually think they would have him arrested and that isn't even a joke. It's sad because they are kids and they're being robbed by old refs that have it in for them. They get off on hating Duke and it's sickening. 

If a player did a fist pump and smoked a ref in the throat by accident do you not think they are going to call it? They 100% would. I wonder if we're gonna see more "accidental" punches to the throat now that it's clearly legal. This is what the refs opened up now and college basketball this year might not even count because of this. I hate to see kids get robbed of their future but here we are because refs are always against Duke.