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"If I Knew What I Was Going To Fucking Do I Would Have Already Fucking Done It" - Tom Brady Gives A Nice Update On His Decision

Peter Joneleit. Shutterstock Images.

Tom Brady is part of the new media. He's got a podcast and uses it as an outlet to his fans. It's called Let's Go! and it's co-hosted by Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald. Brady will be 46 years old by the time the 2023 NFL season starts and he is a free agent. So the giant elephant in the room is what he'll do for work moving forward and Jim Gray decided not to skirt around the question and just asked Tom the question on everybody's mind.

Brady didn't hold back in his response. Clearly annoyed by the question that I'm sure he's gotten thousands of times just in the past few weeks.

Where TB12 goes next is a mystery. It does appear that he will be playing in the NFL. Whether he tests out new waters with a team like the Titans, 49ers, Raiders, or even back with the Buccaneers remains to be seen. But Tom made it clear tonight he is aware everybody is waiting on him. Unfortunately, it sounds like we'll all be waiting a bit longer…