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Live from New York, It's Hard to Believe

TIMOTHY A. CLARY. Getty Images.

If I ever had cancer, my “Make a Wish” would be to go see a live taping of Saturday Night Life. Luckily for me I didn’t need cancer, I just had to know a guy. 

Ever since I was 16 (the allowed age to attend) I’ve been writing and emailing SNL, in hopes to win the lottery for tickets. 8 years and no bites. And then it all happened for me this last weekend, and let me tell you- it was everything I could hope for and more. 

I know the universal opinion of the show lately is that it sucks and hasn’t been funny but I honestly believe they are BACK. 

Aubrey Plaza was the host this week and Sam Smith was the musical guest and they both killed it. Not only were the skits laugh out loud funny but they even threw in some phenomenal cameos from Tony Hawk, Kim Petras, Amy Poehler, The Property Brothers, and Sharon Stone. 

They also played a video from President Joe Biden at the beginning which is probably why we were sitting next to his grandson the whole show, who introduced himself to Brianna and I as a huge fan which is insane in itself. (We told him we were going to kidnap him and he pointed out 6 Secret Service men who were on standby.) Can't let a little Secret Service ruin a good bit though.

Not only did we get to go to the show, we also were lucky enough to go to both the “after party” and the “after after party.” 

And let me tell ya, those beasts know HOW TO PARTY. We were out til 9 in the morning with the whole cast and crew just taking it all in. At one point, we were in the same room as MOTHER FUCKING MADONNA (not pictured because I was too nervous.)


I'm so grateful I was able to check that off my bucket list. 

Now the new goal is to someday come back and be on the show.

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