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Burrow vs. Mahomes Is The New Brady vs. Manning

In the span of two seasons, the next great NFL QB rivalry has been born. And they will clash again for the 4th time this Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.

Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes are following in the ample foot steps of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. So far, Burrow and the Bengals have gotten the best of Mahomes and the Chiefs with a 3-0 record including a comeback win in last year's AFC Championship. 

So who is Brady and who is Manning? That seems pretty obvious so far.

Joe Burrow has a similar demeanor to Tom Brady. Calculating, reserved & laser focused. He is just a winner in every sense of the word. A great leader and deadly accurate passer. Burrow is the guy you want when the game matters the most. What he has done already in his career turning around the formerly awful Bengals franchise is mind blowing! Hell they might make their 2nd straight Super Bowl on Sunday. Whoever thought we would be saying that about the lowly Bengals?!?!?

And who will ever forget the 2019 National Champion LSU Tigers?

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Patrick Mahomes has more of an outgoing personality like Peyton Manning. And he is also shattering the NFL passing record book like Peyton in yards and TDs. The Chiefs are hosting their 5th AFC Championship in Mahomes 5 seasons as starter on Sunday?!?!? And Mahomes is trying to lead them to their 3rd Super Bowl appearance. How the heck is that even possible?

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Mahomes to his credit also already has one Super Bowl win. But there is literally only one thing he has struggled with in the NFL and that is beating Joe Burrow. It is eerily similar to Peyton Manning and the Colts struggling to beat Tom Brady and the Pats.

Will that change on Sunday? Mahomes ankle injury is not going to help but there's no shot he won't be on the field trying to avenge the 2021 AFC Championship loss when KC blew a double digit halftime lead. To be honest I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what exactly happened to the KC offense in those 30 minutes?

KC is a one point favorite on Sunday on the Barstool Sportsbook. 

Will Mahomes finally get his first victory in the newest great QB rivalry? Or will Joey B do the unthinkable and take the Who Deys to back to back Super Bowls?

The eyes of the football world will be watching Sunday at 6:30 EST. I cannot freaking wait!