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Kwame Brown Says That Being A Bust Is Better Than Being A Superstar And He Might Be On To Something

One of the things people love to talk about is draft busts in every sport, with basketball busts being the most discussed. Kwame Brown is talked about a lot, but not to the extent of like Greg Oden, Anthony Bennett, Darko Milicic. 

Kwame poses a good question though because the obvious answer is that everyone would rather be LeBron James than Kwame Brown if you had a choice between the two. A bust was usually a player that was drafted very high and was able to string out a long career with multiple contracts due to all the potential that made him a lottery pick.

For example, Kwame Brown played 12 seasons in the NBA and made more money than any of us will see. 

So the question is would you rather be a bust that deals with the stigma of unfulfilled potential or a superstar that is constantly the center of attention wherever you go? A bust's name will usually only be brought up in conversation in a negative way, but you can live a pretty normal life once you retire while superstars are constantly being hounded wherever they go. 

Nobody is stopping Kwame Brown when he goes out to eat or is walking in the street, yet he is still set for life if he saved his money right. Now I feel like I am his parent telling him to save his money but I think it is just funny to say its better to be a bust or a superstar.  To be honest, I would be a bust too if Micheal Jordan drafted me. That's a lot of pressure coming from a guy who didn't even play college basketball. 

I think the real question is would you rather be a bust or a middle of the road NBA player? By that I mean a player that nobody will ever talk about but was serviceable in the NBA for about 6 years. Being rich with not a lot of fame is one of the best lives of all time. Why do you have to be the best just be really fucking good but not better than the best? Words to live by.